» » U.S. airlines stand by 737 MAX as some customers, nations reject it

U.S. airlines stand by 737 MAX as some customers, nations reject it

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The US Federal Aviation Administration is one of the main regulators who do not suspend 737 MAX flights after Britain and the European Union joined the wave of other suspensions after two crashes for several months with the same aircraft on Tuesday.

Southwest Airlines Co, American Airlines Group Inc and United Airlines have stated that they are still confident in their aircraft. Both the south-west and the Americans reported that the data of their fleet showed that the aircraft was safe.

Many potential passengers turned to social networks to express their concern, asking if they could change their flights, and some even asked for cancellation. Southwest Airlines Twitter account (@SouthwestAir) was occupied by hundreds of plane-worried customers.

Andrea Cal (@andi_call) tweeted southwest that she traveled with her daughter in May. "I don't want to get on a Boeing Max 8,” she said. The airline responded that it focused on safety, adding that "our fleet of Boeing 737 MAX 8 is working as planned today, and we plan to operate these aircraft in the future." Call will have to wait until 24 hours before the flight finds which plane will be used. ”

Twitter user Sandy (@nycsandygirl) tweeted that she called American Airlines to change her flight, but she was told that the refusals were unavailable for non-refundable fares.

"I have the right to demand a change of aircraft without a fee for a change, if there were concerns about the safety of a particular aircraft. China, Indonesia, Ethiopian airlines and Cayman Airways substantiated these aircraft, so it is obvious that there is a problem, ”wrote a Twitter user.

Unions representing American Airlines flight attendants and pilots called for Doug Parker, Executive Director of American Airlines, to consider grounding the aircraft, pending a thorough investigation. The flight attendants said they would not be forced to fly the plane if they felt safe.

A separate union representing United Airlines flight attendants also called on the FAA to ground the planes and investigate 737 MAX.

Pilot unions have not yet joined such requests.

US senators Mitt Romney and Elizabeth Warren were the latest politicians to encourage the FAA to act.

The FAA and Boeing said the planes are safe to fly.

Southwest is the largest operator of an aircraft with 34,737 MAX 8 aircraft, which, according to her, produces thousands of data points during each flight, which are constantly monitored.

"To date, we have completed more than 41,000 flights and have relevant aircraft data that indicate the effectiveness of our operational standards, procedures and training,” said spokeswoman Michelle Agnew.

The Southwest Pilot Association said Tuesday that it supported the airline’s decision to continue flying the aircraft, as well as the FAA’s findings to date.

On Monday, American Airlines issued a similar statement saying that extensive flight data from its fleet instilled confidence in the safe operation of all aircraft, including the 737 MAX 8.

A US official said Tuesday that the airline’s position remained the same.

The American, who has 24 MAX 8 aircraft, said he shares his data with the FAA in coordination with the Allied Pilots Union, an association that represents American pilots.
United Airlines, which does not control MAX 8, but operates another model in the series, MAX 9, also confirmed its confidence in the ability of pilots to fly an aircraft safely.

"(...) we still believe that the aircraft will be deemed safe, and the impact on Boeing’s long-term operations, backlog, business course and order flow will be limited,” said Jim Corridor, an investment analyst for research firm CFRA, which adhered to her opinion about Boeing.


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