» » Nissan files claim against Ghosn's sister in Brazil court

Nissan files claim against Ghosn's sister in Brazil court

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The court report of December 11, which was reviewed by Reuters, showed that the Japanese automaker filed a lawsuit against Claudine Bishara de Oliveira. The list stated that Nissan acts as a plaintiff, and Oliveira - as a defendant with the theme "unfair enrichment”. Further details were not immediately available.

Nissan said that the lawsuit, which provides for the suspension of the statute of limitations on a document created three years earlier, will allow him to continue the lawsuit.
"At the moment, this is just a notification to protect the interests of Nissan from the statute of limitations," the company replied in response to a question by e-mail. "This is not just a request for sentencing Oliveira."

Nissan refused to clarify the document or the charges against Oliveira. A representative of the Ghosn family did not respond to a request for comment on the filing. Oliveira did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Brazil-born Ghosn was arrested last month and charged this week in Japan for allegedly understating his income. Nissan also accuses him of diverting company funds to pay for personal expenses. Since his arrest, he has been detained in Japan.
Sources familiar with this question told Reuters that the Gosna office formed an advisory role for Oliveira and gave her compensation, although Nissan's internal investigation found no evidence that such work was done. Sources requested anonymity because the information is not publicly available.

A representative of the Ghosn family did not respond to a request for comment.
Nissan is already struggling with Ghosn and his daughter Caroline to maintain an apartment on the waterfront in Rio de Janeiro, which Ghosn used when he ran the company, and which, he says, may contain evidence of wrongdoing. Ghosn and his daughter were sued to pick up what they called personal items, such as photographs, jewelry, watches, and books.
On Thursday, Nissan faced a setback, as the appellate judge ruled that Gosn or his daughter should be allowed into the apartment within 24 hours to receive personal belongings. The decision provided for the presence of two judicial officers, as well as the presence of Nissan representatives.

It was not immediately clear whether Nissan could appeal this decision.

The apartment in Rio de Janeiro became the center of a side battle with the criminal investigation in Japan, which, according to Nissan, was the result of an internal investigation of Gosn’s offense on the advice of an informant. Nissan says that he found three safes in the apartment that could contain evidence of Gosna’s alleged crimes.

In court documents, Gosna’s lawyers said that since Nissan entered the apartment after his arrest, the automaker could "insert objects or documents that could jeopardize its good reputation.”


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