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2017 MV Agusta Brutale 800 Review | Naked but Not Afraid

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2017 MV Agusta Brutale 800 Review | Naked but Not Afraid


Much of the attractiveness of MVG 2017 MV Agusta Brutale 800 - in fact, any MV Agusta really - should look like a motorcycle. The company is excellent in using its Italian-exotic image, and it's obvious when you look at any MV - they are really unique.

Rise to any random Starbucks and by all means, Brutale 800 will attract attention. Curves and extra corners on the bike work great together; paint and finish are of high quality, and the details of the details clearly reflected. This is a motorcycle that obviously is not built for the budget, and the final result is clearly different from anything else in its class.
As a vertical cape, the Brutale series of models, by definition, lacks plastic fairings, so the details are demonstrated and admired there; The more you look, the more you see. Iconic style replicas include a sculptural tank that flows into the seat; The minimalist lattice frame, which stands out for its perfectly triangulated tubes; a one-way pendulum that shows the rear wheel; and triple exhausts, which look out from under the engine.

The blackened 43 mm Marzocchi brand looks promising and cool, although the visual effect is destroyed by the terribly huge emission sticker wrapped around the right foot. I understand that we must have one, but, really! I urge any owner to leave it in place, and the second one to go home.

In general, 2017 MV Agusta Brutale 800 is perfectly combined. Many thoughts have gone into the appearance of the bike, and only this is likely to sell the bike to most owners. Fortunately, Brutale 800 is not just beautiful. It also operates at a very high level, so the said owners will feel that their purchase is fully justified once they can ride.

It's not a beginner's car, but it's incredibly responsive, it's also easy to handle, and it's equipped with eight-level traction control, and ABS with a weakening of the rear wheels, and these systems work magnificently in harmony to help keep the rider safe. Confident mid-level racers will find this bike soft enough to gain strength. As this set of skills grows, and they reveal the full potential of Brutal, they will find that they can release as much productivity as they want.
Sitting on the Brutale 800, my first impression was how high the seat was. My 33 inch inseam was enlarged, although I can be photographed by being at rest in my boots. Interestingly, despite its height, Brutal simultaneously feels compact.

Despite the (alleged) almost one inch longer wheelbase compared to last year, the 55.2-inch 800 Brutale is still definitely a fairly short finish. Compare this wheelbase with similar bikes in its class, such as the 56.7-inch Yamaha FZ-09, and the new 579-inch Kawasaki Z900-Brutale is almost two inches shorter!

With a 24.5 degree rake - the same as the Z900, and half as much as the FZ-09, the geometry is not too aggressive, and it is this short wheelbase and competitive weight that makes the MV so strikingly agile. Nevertheless, despite the extremely vivid treatment of MV, he is actually not nervous. Instead, the Brutale 800 is sensitive to steering inputs and impacts on the road. Although this tends to keep your attention during driving, it does not bother.

Brutal does not have a steering flap and does not need it. I hit a large pothole that threw the front in a slight swing, but the rudders settled almost immediately with a minimal drama. The chassis is very well developed, and it builds a thin line of direct connection with the rider, without becoming nervous.
2017 MV Agusta Brutale 800 Exhaust Gas Overview
2017 MV Agusta Brutale 800 Overview
I am six feet tall and lanky, but I like the place for riding in Brutale 800. Although the triangle of the rider is quite short from seat to tank, I immediately felt at home and confident at 800. The seating position is pleasantly upright and natural, but on the front a lot of weight of the rider. It's aggressive and athletic, but not too much.

The conical rudders are slightly wider than the width of the shoulders, so they are sensitive to the entrance. The seat looks pretty thin and solid, there's no doubt that it's a sportbike. The steps for retarte are conventionally located and rather aggressive, so I never touched one.

Awkwardly, the right footpeg is close to these iconic triple exhaust pipes. As a rider with a ball, my heel was a bit difficult to pipe when turned into a right-hander. This is nothing but a terrible deterioration of the Ducati Monster 1200, and it was not important, although it was noticeable.

I can not say that MV is super-convenient, but it's okay - maybe I'm too critical, since I scored a couple of 200 plus miles of days and never received a complaint. The main culprit, which prevents me from giving the Brutale 800 glowing comfort rating, is a suspension.

The front forks Marzocchi 43 mm and Sachs are high quality components, but both are very stiff, even with a small port of 185 pounds on board. Do not confuse with rigid or sharp, because the front and rear suspension are perfectly compatible, and the action is very smooth.

2017 MV Agusta Brutale 800 Overview
2017 MV Agusta Brutale 800 Overview
Nevertheless, with the factory settings, almost every blow was transferred to me. On poorly laid canyon roads, the bike jumped so much that my confidence was slightly compromised. If all you are going to do is go on the go, and then leave the suspension alone - Brutal treatment is exemplary. But, in any situation on the street, you will want to soften everything, like me.

The front suspension has compression damping in the left leg of the fork and damping the rebound to the right; Both regulators are located at the top and are very easy to adjust. The same can not be said for the rear where the compression compression regulator is at the top of the Sachs shock and is almost closed by the left chassis section. I managed to get a thin screwdriver Motion Pro to adjust it, but it was not easy.

I supported the setting of the compression damping by two full turns on the fork leg and a semicircle from behind, which, by the way, put a blow to the minimal damping setting. The improvement was dramatic, and the changes allowed the suspension to really shine.

In general, Brutal is incredibly intuitive. After I scored the fade, the front end is now close to perfection and, although the back is still a bit stiff, it's also significantly improved. Absorption absorption is now great, and now I have great confidence, especially in front in bumpy corners. Agile, neutral handling is not affected and, just as sensitive as Brutale, it does not fit into corners or oversteer.

On winding roads, the impressive maneuverability of the Brutale 800 allows me to instantly turn it to the maximum angle of incidence, and switching from one side to the other at a speed does not violate it at all. One quick left left combination with a slight rise in the middle caused a small pause in the bars, but it immediately sat down, and I did not have to completely retreat from the throttle. Very impressive.


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